Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

The perils of the road are part of reality, especially in winter. In fact, study shows that every year, an average of around 1800 deaths and 136,000 injuries have to do with conditions on snowy and icy roads. As the winter season is fast approaching, road watchers in New Jersey are again reminding truck drivers across the state to be extra cautious with the season being notorious for road accidents.


That being said, below are some tips you should heed before traveling:

Tip #1: Thoroughly check your truck before driving.
We understand that being a trucker is a call of duty and you want to get your job through and be home as early as possible. However, the road tends to be extra perilous in winter. If you want to arrive home safe and intact, make sure to always inspect your truck before hitting the road.
Having an expert from a towing Newark NJ  company check your truck’s ability to withstand wear-and-tear this winter should be a given. However, besides ensuring that your truck’s engine is in the right condition to travel, you as a driver should also be responsible enough to check its anti-freeze levels, tire pressure, and engine oil supply as these things also are critical factors for the travel.

Tip #2: Observe your truck’s tire sprays.
One of the most important winter driving tips you should bear in mind is testing the condition of the road from time to time in the midst of your travel.  Do this by pulling over on a safe roadside and observing how much water each tire spray releases as this proportionally indicates if the road is wet or otherwise. A less wet road in winter could mean that the road has started to freeze, thus you need to be extra cautious when driving.
If you are dubious with how your tire spray is working, you can always perform a tire change at your expense or you can instead conveniently seek a roadside assistance service from the nearest tow truck company in New Jersey. Your safety should be your topmost priority.

Tip #3: Turn on your lights.
As the winter weather negatively affects the visibility on the road, make sure you do not forget to turn on the headlights of your truck when you drive. This helps your truck be seen easily by other drivers as well.

Tip #4: Drive slowly.
A lot of road accidents are attributed to driving at high speeds. Hence, driving slowly under winter conditions of the road is extra encouraged to compensate for the truck’s poor traction. 
Drivers who were fond of challenging their accelerators during winter usually ended up being winched out and involved in a road accident.

Tip #5: Stay smooth.
Staying smooth is the safest thing to do while winter driving. Slowing down will help you achieve it during cold weather which is downright important to avoid sudden braking, acceleration, cornering, and so on. Easily neglecting this tip can increase the likelihood of your truck getting involved in a road accident, inclining you to call a 24-hour tow truck nearby.

Tip #6: Maintain enough space for yourself.
There is no such thing as hard braking on icy, wet roads. More often than not, you will need to stop twice to ten times ahead of your usual stopping distance. This is why maintaining enough space from the vehicle ahead of you is extremely necessary. With it, in case an unpredictable condition that necessitates a sudden stop happens, you can easily breathe knowing you will be able to do it without any harm.

Tip #7: Do not hesitate to pull over.
If you are facing unstable weather in the middle of the road, stop thinking twice and pull over to the nearest area right away until the weather is better. It may be irritating at first knowing your schedule is hampered but this is actually a life decision your family and loved ones will be thankful for. Now, if the weather does not seem to improve, don’t worry; a reputable towing and roadside company like Newark Tow Truck will deploy its tow trucks in the area to rescue you from your stressful situation. We are only a call away.

As a truck driver, it pays to be aware of the must-dos to keep yourself safe no matter how wet or icy the road is. Make sure to keep all the above-mentioned tips in mind for a safe driving experience this winter. Don’t just search “tow truck near me” on your phone, give Newark Tow Truck a call.