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Road assistance companies like Newark Tow Truck play an important role in saving every driver and their passengers from the hassle & stress of dealing with roadside emergencies. Newark Tow Truck makes sure that they provide services only of high quality. To live up to their commitment, we dispatch only seasoned friendly professionals to help you get through the tough time in the middle of a car breakdown; all their services you can avail at a very reasonable rate. 

Because we saw the need to be of service during these tough times, Newark Tow Truck was founded. Roadside assistance and towing companies like Newark Tow Truck aim to keep every driver or passenger safe and secured on the road while alleviating their stressful and exhausting situations at the same time. We provide roadside assistance and towing services of high quality and send only adept, courteous professionals to serve our purpose.

Newark Tow Truck has been a popular choice for vehicle owners in and around Newark, New Jersey. As we are committed to save every driver or passenger from the stress and hassle of dealing with roadside emergency situations while keeping them and their property safe, we have decided to expand our service coverage to be able to respond to areas outside Newark like Elizabeth, and other cities in New Jersey with vision and hope that every vehicle owner will no longer feel alone on the road in the middle of a car breakdown any time of the day.

We are a road assistance and tow company that operates 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week because we acknowledge that emergencies choose no place or time. We want no further danger for our customers, hence we vow to get on side within thirty minutes time. For a fast, reliable, and affordable towing and roadside assistance in Elizabeth and other neighboring areas of Newark, just remember Newark Tow Truck’s emergency hotline. It will not take a lot of rings. We are a company you can truly trust and count on.

More About Newark Tow Truck

We have been living up to our commitment to serve and provide only the best road assistance service for every driver who suffers a breakdown on the road for years now. We are known because of our prompt and high quality response whenever towing and road emergency needs arise not just in Newark but also in Elizabeth, New Jersey and other nearby areas. Call us when you need any of these services:


Here at Newark Tow Truck, we provide only premium tow services in New Jersey through the help of our highly skilled tow operators and technicians supported by our latest, top of the line tools and towing equipment. We regularly send our professionals to training’s and seminars to make sure we carry out the job only the proper and most efficient way. Whether you are in Elizabeth or other nearby towns of Newark, we make sure your towing needs are met promptly and safely.


As car owners, we experience car battery drainage from time to time. Such a possibility continues to exist. Thus, it is wise to be always prepared when these misfortunes come our way. For emergency battery jumpstart in Elizabeth and Newark’s other neighboring areas, you have Newark Tow Truck to certainly count on. Our adept technicians will save your trip from getting ruined. We carry out the job fast even if it means we have to prepare battery cables or spare battery just to get you back on the road. We got your battery concerns covered. Just give us a call and we’ll respond to your location right away.


Preventive maintenance are carried out to lessen the chance of our car failing but it does not guarantee a consistently perfect tire condition. Accidents can happen. The possibility of running over a sharp object cannot be done away with. While this seems manageable, this cannot be done alone at all times especially if your tire ran flat at a very dark, remote location. Keep yourself safe at all times; call us for your tire repair or replacement needs. Even if you are caught with a tire emergency during the oddest hour of the night, we will surely respond to your location to be of service. Call us for initial assistance for free!


As vehicle owners, we persistently try to keep our gas tanks full but emergencies can still happen and we do not want to be caught running out of gas when we least expect it. We do not want our trips disrupted because of these human errors but unfortunately, they can happen. Like flat tires, running out of gas seems manageable until we get stuck in the middle of a lonely, dark road without a gas station nearby. Whenever you are caught in this situation, call Newark Tow Truck straightaway. We provide prompt gas delivery in Elizabeth too! Have us help you get back on the road the quickest time possible.


If the odds do not go in your favor and you get locked out of your car accidentally, call us right away! Our trustworthy, adept technicians are trained rigorously to open your vehicle just so you will no longer need to deal with such an annoying situation. We guarantee a no-damage operation.

Here at Newark Tow Truck, we believe that we exist for an important purpose that is to come to rescue and save every vehicle owner/passenger from the dangers of the road. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and so, we act to achieve it

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