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WebReach LLC, dba “Newark Tow Truck” is a referral based service company that partners with locally owned towing contractors such as Towing & Repair Perfections Inc.  Towing & Repair Perfections Inc offers a full array of services that tackle any type of towing and hauling job in and around Newark, NJ.    

Long Distance Towing | Newark Tow Service

If you’re from out of town (and we mean from a long distance away), we can still be of service to you with our long distance towing service near Newark, NJ. 

We’ll tow  your vehicle for as far away as you need us to tow.  However, we’ll always recommend fixing your car with our roadside assistance program or with one of our trusted mechanic partners first.  

However, if time is of the essence, we’ll bring you home immediately, no questions asked.  

We work with all of the major credit card companies, so even if you didn’t have cash, we can help you out today. 

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