Vehicle Unlocking


Knowing a good vehicle locksmith service is Newark, NJ vital. Newark Tow Truck can unlock any car or truck safely and professionally.

Locked Out of Car: What are the things you should do?

At least once in our lifetime, we’ll lock our keys inside our car. It doesn’t matter if you are on your way to a road trip, work, travel, or even important meetings for this can happen with no warning at all. Once you are in the situation of being locked out of your vehicle, knowing the importance of keeping calm can help you from being attentive on the things you need to do. This can prevent you from frustration and potential risk of harm from trying to break the car window. In this unexpected instance, here are a few items that you should do before calling for a Newark lockout service:

1- Stay Calm and be Vigilant
Panicking in this situation is common but it will only make matters worse. You have to stay calm and figure out if all the car doors and trunk are locked before calling a roadside assistance. You’ll want to check every door, this way you don’t waste anyone’s time and energy, including your own.​​

2- Know where the Spare Key is Located
Try to think where you placed the spare keys, so that you can ask someone to bring it to you. Having a spare key is not a required option but this is a good investment for it can save you from possible solutions, while having a replacement key can always pay itself over time.  We suggest that you should always bring a spare with you or keep one in your car, especially during a long-distance trip. 

Try to make a DIY tool to unlock the door
Depending on the situation (say, that your vehicle has a window slightly cracked), you may be able to YouTube a video that can instruct you on how to unlock your car door.  Though we don’t recommend you doing anything extreme because you can damage your car door. That said, call a roadside service company. Most roadside assistance companies have the proper tools to solve the task, safely.

4- Call someone nearby whom you can ask for a help
If you have someone who is in nearby your location, don’t hesitate to give them a call and ask for help. This is to prevent you from being at risk by asking help for strangers or bystanders on the road that may only have a bad motive for helping you. If you don’t, then simply search “lockout service near me,” and you’ll have a list of towing and roadside assistance companies, just a phone call away. 

5- Call for a Professional Vehicle Locksmith in Newark
If you have no options left, do yourself a favor and call a professional.  Calling for professional roadside assistance is the best option. Instead of tinkering with your vehicle or inconveniencing friends free time, just call up a reputable company.  They’re trained and have the proper toolsnot to mention, they’ve routinely helped out countless customers like you, who have been locked out of their vehicle. They’ll also be able to perform their services without causing any damage or harm to your doors or vehicle.

If you’re locked out, remember that stressing and panicking yourself will only worsen the situation. Just let yourself be equipped and prepared to contact a reliable roadside assistance service that can help you in times of your needs.