Accidents or road misfortunes can happen. Whether you like it or not, it is part of your life as a driver/car owner. And that is regardless if your car goes through regular preventive maintenance or not. How? Well, even if you are driving at 20 to 40 mph, you can still run over a sharp object causing your tire flat. Or you can suffer from a dead battery and in which case, you will likely need a battery jumpstart. Now the question is, is it a good move to call your car insurance company for roadside assistance?

While it is tempting to call your insurance company for help as you are paying for roadside assistance protection, it is wiser not to rely on your insurance company right away as a roadside assistance response, especially a prompt one, is not always a guarantee.

What you can claim from your insurance company is stipulated on the company’s policy and your contract. This includes the number of times you are entitled for help. The ugly truth is while the policy sounds too good in protecting your vehicle, it does not necessarily make your life as good and easy.

You can call but not always. Why? Here’s what you should know:

  • It’s true, it is convenient to call your car insurance company right away for any car recovery needs but experts suggest you leave your privilege for the difficult days. Just because you have the choice, does not automatically mean you should immediately call your company especially if what you only need is a minor service like small scuffing, flat tire service and towing which are very affordable to handle up front.
  • Dealing with insurance claim adjusters can be a hassle especially if your car insurance company thinks that you are trying to get one by them.
  • Your insurance claim may get nullified if it finds out an issue out of calling from a third party roadside assistance company but the fact remains that the latter still is cheaper compared to availing the claim. Never call your insurance company if you only need tire change service, out of gas service or a battery jumpstart service.
  • Paying everything upfront can surprisingly save you more than you think especially with Newark Tow Truck’s affordable quotes for premium quality roadside assistance and towing services. Call us today!

Save your car insurance privileges for the right circumstances. They are free, but like in everything, they have limits too.