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Whether you are an ATV enthusiast who loves exploring off-road trails or you simply made the wrong turn and got your SUV stuck in the mud, there is a high chance you might need to call an off-road vehicle recovery service at one point. But, what is the real difference between normal vs. off-road towing? Learn what differentiates normal and off-road towing so you ask for the right service.

Normal Towing Service

Have you ever been stranded in the middle of the road due to engine failure? Has   your tire ever blown out? Or got hit by a racing motorist? Normal towing is what people need in these kinds of situations.
Normal towing service is a method that often only requires either a flatbed or hook and chain tow truck.

  • Flatbed. This is the type of tow truck that is commonly used to transport vehicles from point A to Point B without having to worry about the car getting wear and tear or scratches.
  • Hook and chain. This is the kind of tow truck used when an automobile breaks down in the middle of the road or gets entangled in an accident. It may not be the safest method to haul away vehicles, but it gets the job done quickly.

It is surprisingly easier to conduct a normal towing service compared to off-road recovery. With normal towing, the procedure and challenges may not be as complicated as off-road towing. Once the vehicle is strapped properly, away they go.
Marathon towing provides all kinds of towing solutions for customers. Need roadside assistance? We got you covered! Get in touch with us.

Off-Road Vehicle Recovery Service

This type of towing service is not as easy as it sounds. It is a little bit riskier than normal towing and not choosing the right towing company that has the right skills and equipment will only get your vehicle even more stuck in the mud.
Unlike normal towing, there are more factors that must be considered when performing off-road towing. Are you towing uphill or downhill? What type of vehicle needs to be towed? How much capacity can the tow truck handle? Strategizing is a big aspect when doing off-road recovery.
When your vehicle gets stuck off-road, and revving is quite not doing any help, do not attempt to maneuver it any further. Over the years, Marathon Towing has serviced the community with plenty of off-road towing needs. We have seen numerous customers do terrible things in order to get their vehicle unstuck.

Trying to get your vehicle out of a sticky situation on your own is dangerous for you and your car.

  • Puncture in the tires. Sharp stones, nails, or pieces of metal and glass could be knitted in the mud. These sharp objects could easily puncture your car’s tire which will make it even harder for a towing company to perform off-road vehicle recovery service.
  • Misaligned wheel. Excessive maneuvering will cause not only wear and tear to the tires but also misalign the wheel. This is a costly problem.
  • Issues with the transmission. Driving off-road or on terrains is tough enough for vehicles, especially the non-4x4s. The transmission of your car might break, gear stuck in park, which then causes the engine to grind and make clunking noise. Always make the call to a professional tow truck company when this happens.
  • Damages to the underbody of the car. Getting stuck off-road raises the risk of underbody damage. Yes, your vehicle can take on a few dings and scratches, but the gearbox, fuel tank, and exhaust cannot take too many hits. And these are the car components that may cost you a hundred dollars to replace or repair.

There are a lot of things that could go wrong trying to maneuver your vehicle out of the mud. You need a towing and recovery service to safely pull out your vehicle.
A towing service nearby like Marathon Towing uses the right equipment and tow trucks for off-road situations. We have tried and tested the best roadside assistance and recovery methods to get the job done effectively.
Just like in normal towing, off-road vehicle recovery also utilizes flatbed and hook and chain tow trucks. Professionals also use the following:

  • Wheel lift. This is a type of tow truck that has chains and axles and is capable of lifting your car. Wheel lift tow trucks also have a hydraulic dolly system that will provide more support for the vehicle.
  • Rotator. The rotator tow truck is ideal for recovering vehicles that have turned upside down. This is a specialized tow truck used in pulling vehicles out of deep muds or dangerous situations such as dangling on the edge of a cliff.

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