Excellent Auto-Body Repair in New Jersey | Newark Tow Truck


Owning a car is everyone’s dream. Buying a personal vehicle is the right kind of self-investment, providing a reliable traveling buddy and unmatched convenience. Taking good care of a private car is a responsibility for car owners because, as time passes, cars get old and lose their elegance. However, there are ways to restore cars and give new life to them with the help of auto-body repair companies. But finding the most reliable company for your needs can be tough, especially when there are many that do not provide all of the desired services.

Newark Tow Truck is not only known for its reliable towing services. Newark Tow Trucks, sister company, also provides top-rated auto-body repairs. The company operates 24/7 and can cater to all of your auto-body needs with exceptional professionalism and incredible results. 
Here are the auto-body repair services that Newark Tow Truck has to offer:
Repair of scratches on cars
Paint and dent repair is the most requested auto service. The company ensures that the repair team carries out buffing, smoothing, and repainting accurately and efficiently. Scratches require specific colors to achieve a seamless look and car dents need a professional touch, but the repair team has all of the best solutions no matter what.

Offers Essex County Painting 
Beautifying your vehicle doesn’t have to be pricey. Newark Tow Truck offers professional car painting at an affordable price with convenience and stunning results. The company provides full painting services and professional-grade enamel coating, which help make your vehicle look brand new. 
Structural Repairs
Accidents happen.Newark Tow Truck caters to all of your auto service needs following an unfortunate collision on the road. Total damage to car structures is typical after a sudden accident, but the skilled repair team at Newark knows exactly how to repair damaged structural parts using top-of-the-line tools, helping to restore your car back to its original state. 
If you are looking for an authorized auto repair company in New Jersey, Newark Tow Truck is here for you. Offering professional services and personalized restoration, the company will be sure to exceed your expectations. Call (973) 447-4181 now to have your dream car transformation realized.