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Where there is an engine, there also is a cooling system whose main job is to make sure that it is efficiently working. Your vehicle’s cooling system serves three vital roles: first, the role to remove any excess heat from your vehicle’s engine; second, the role to keep your engine’s optimum operating temperature; and third; the role to make sure that the right operating temperature is maintained, or restored when necessary.

However, sans proper maintenance, your cooling system can malfunction which can potentially cause your car to overheat, especially on summer days. That said, it pays to know these common car-overheating reasons so you can avoid such stressful vehicle breakdown situations:

Reason #1: Low Coolant Level

Your vehicle’s coolant is what keeps its temperature at the right level. Thus, sufficiency of coolant supply is vital to ensure that proper temperature is maintained.

A questionably low coolant level can be due to a number of reasons. This includes a coolant leak, a coolant blockage, or a clogged or broken coolant pump. In winter days where temperatures are freezing, a proper coolant circulation to the engine may also end up hampered. This is why a regular check-up of your coolant levels is necessary; something that is most likely covered in its preventive maintenance sessions.

Reason #2: Low Motor Oil Level

Your engine oil’s ultimate job is to act as a lubricant to your engine’s moving part and keep the temperature level regulated despite the consistent friction and heat. Hence, with a low motor oil level, these functions might not be carried out properly.

Do note, also, that your vehicle’s engine oil, when dirty, can also fail to lubricate as it should. Thus, it pays to make sure that proper oil levels are maintained and maintained clean.

Reason #3: Damaged Radiator Fan

Beneath your vehicle’s hood is also a fan that helps your coolant in regulating your engine’s temperature by ensuring that your vehicle’s components are kept cool. In the event that your radiator fan gets damaged or malfunctions due to electrical problems, the desired speed might not be met. Worse, it might even stop working.

Even if a reliable Newark tow truck company can always perform a tow rescue in case a vehicle breakdown takes place, a damaged radiator fan still must not be ignored or left unrepaired especially if you are planning to go on a long road trip. Otherwise, the damage can escalate and cost you more for the repair.

Reason #4: Busted Thermostat

Your vehicle’s thermostat is basically the one responsible for telling your coolant system when to adjust your engine’s temperature. Acting as your coolant system’s brain, if your thermostat is not working as it is supposed to, your coolant system will not be able to realize that your engine is already starting to heat up.
Reason #5: Damaged Engine Hoses

Acting as the veins of your engine system, your hoses ensure that your coolant moves through the radiator and engine system smoothly. Thus, if they are clogged, loose, cracked, or worse, damaged, your coolant might leak or it might impede its supposed smooth flow throughout the engine.

Reason #6: Damaged Water Pump

Your engine’s coolant is made of antifreeze and water; the one responsible for pumping the coolant through your vehicle’s engine is a water pump. Thus, if it is problematic, it might impair or impede the coolant’s flow eventually, causing your engine to overheat.

It absolutely pays to address the above mentioned reasons on time to avoid your vehicle from overheating in the middle of a trip. But of course, road misfortunes can still take place no matter how you try to avoid them and this is exactly why a reliable towing and roadside assistance company like Newark Tow Truck exists. Our local tow trucks are just a call away. You need not handle it all by yourself; let our seasoned team of professionals come to your rescue and do the necessary on-site repair or tow service that you’ll need. 

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