Wrecker Service


The Benefits of a Good Auto Wrecking Company

Getting a new car is one of the most exciting events that can happen in one’s life. It usually feels so sweet especially if you have been working real hard to afford one. Meanwhile, on another side of the spectrum are those who have already owned not just one but two cars. Consequently, these people are dealing with another set of challenges as this would mean maintenance costs are doubled and the gas expense is bigger, not to mention the garage space that has also been a common problem.

​More often than not, the new car takes over the garage and the old one is parked somewhere less safe. And while you cling to the idea that there can be potential cash out of the latter, the fact remains that your old car is already hard to sell because it requires major repair if not filled with rusts. This is exactly why a lot of old car owners resort to auto wrecking.

But if choosing this as your option becomes apparent, you’ll probably ask yourself, “is there even a wrecker service near me?”  Most wreckers can easily be found on Google or Bing from your phone. Most likely, you’ll want to work with a local tow company as there are several advantages in doing so.

So, how do you make a decision on which Newark towing company to choose? Well, auto wrecking carried out by a professional wrecker service like Newark Tow Truck will entitle you to the following perks:

1.     Easily freed up garage space

One of the obvious benefits of having your old car wrecked is how it can help you free up a lot of space in your garage that you have missed so much – more space for your tools and equipment, and most especially, a space just right for your newly acquired car.

2.     Easy money

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually earn money from having a reputable company like Newark Tow Truck wreck your old car. How? Basically, before the professional auto wrecker does the wrecking, each part of your car is actually inspected; if there are car parts that  that are still salvageable and sellable, they will be identified car and given to you for you to  scrap and sell (if desired). That is a potential earning, right?

3.     The wrecker service provider should  buy your junk car and offer free towing.

Owners can basically have two great options for their old car: either they have it wrecked properly or they sell it. The good news is Newark Tow Truck can cater to both. We do professional car wrecking and we actually offer the best “cash for junk car Newark” program. And what makes it a better deal is that if you choose to work with us, we will respond to your location right away wherever you are in Newark or its nearby towns. Making matters simpler, we’ll even pay cash for your car even if it does not have a title. If we buy your junked car or truck, this Newark towing company will even offer a free tow service for your car. You should never miss an offer that good.

If the aforementioned should have given you an idea on what you’ll want to be looking for in a cash for junk car offer.  So, if you ever need premium quality auto wrecking and cash for junk car service, give Newark Tow Truck a call at 973-447-4181 or send us a message.