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Here at Newark Tow Truck, we are committed at serving not only high quality roadside assistance and towing solutions but also unmatched car services beyond that, i.e.. providing every car owner a better option of disposing their old, abandoned vehicles.

Newark Junk Cars | We Pay Cash

Got a car stuck in the garage because the engine no longer works? Or it is too vintage it no longer has spare parts available in the market? And it has gotten to a point where rusts are already feasting on it? Because we know rust buckets are no more a gem to keep, wherever it is located and however difficult it may be to access, we make it easier for you decide to finally get rid of your rusty, inoperable car; we buy junk cars for cash regardless of its ugly or operable condition.

Whatever type of car you have, whether it is a truck, an SUV, a sedan, or even motorcycle, just give us a call and we will help you rid of it. We transact and pay fast, giving you an amazing deal for a car that no longer works. Plus you do not have to worry about bringing the car to us. We will come to your location fast to pick it up without charging any additional cost; all of these we do to make sure your car disposal won’t be a stressful transaction you would have to go through.

We Buy Junk Cars

We, people, are willing to dispose our old belongings just to give way for a new one. The same applies for cars and trucks. We usually dispose our used vehicle to the buying market to have cash to spend for a new, shiny one. More often than not, either we resort to trading or we opt for a direct sale. However,  people seeking for a second hand car always look for vehicles that still look presentable on top of a greatly working engine at the very least. Unfortunately, other vehicles are losing their market value because they have gotten overused with rusts already noticeable.

When people are not willing to take your trade-in car because of its old condition and appearance, or just because a body damage is visible, you can still count on Newark Tow Truck for your cash needs. As your local junk car buyer, all we have for you is a workable solution to a problem that should not even be a problem in the first place.

Fair prices for junk cars are only what we offer here in Newark Tow Truck. And as soon as you decide to have us buy it, we will go to your location right away, transact in a proper manner, and tow your junk vehicle without you having to pay even a cent. It is a very rare, amazing, hassle free deal you should not miss!

Cash For Junk Auto Services

Newark Junk Cars | We Pay Cash
Newark Junk Cars | We Pay Cash

We buy junk cars without being strict and picky on their condition. Worried that your car has missing parts? Or it is slightly wrecked from an accident? Or its engine has long been busted? Let these not hinder your plan to dispose your inoperable car. Think of Newark Tow Truck. You can still count on us!
Nowadays, a lot of dealers and vehicle owners take no chance on selling vehicles that have wreck marks, rusts, busted engines, and other issues because they believe the chance of them getting sold is very low. For this reason, a lot of inoperable cars are only stuck in the garage or worse, roadside or any public area, with their depreciation value getting higher and higher until they become more “junk than ever.” Aside from that, these illegally parked vehicles are also subject to violations and fines.
It is about time to stop spending for or saving an item that has no use. Sell your junk car to Newark Tow Truck! Not only you get to rid of your old car, you also get to help the community by helping achieve a cleaner, abandoned car-free environment.

Cash for Cars Newark

Enjoy the goodness of having cash by selling your old and junk car to Newark Tow Truck! Our cash for cars junk program is designed to help you have a more convenient selling experience. As you give us a call, our 24/7 support person is to give you a cash estimate after you have provided all the details about your car. Our Newark junk car buyer expert will then respond to your location and will quickly examine your vehicle to give you a more accurate quote.  Our junk car expert determines the purchase price according to the following actors:

  • The condition of remaining parts
  • The age of the vehicle
  •  How much of the vehicle is still salvageable or salable

Once you agree to the purchase price, we will have the vehicle towed by our quality tow equipment and operators right away without charging you any extra cost. We are here to make your disposal safe, responsible and in a very convenient manner. Give Newark Tow Truck a call for a simple yet prompt solution to your junk car problems.

Pay Cash For Junk Cars

Wherever you are in Newark, cash is close to your reach with our pay cash for junk cars program which is especially designed to provide a very convenient, no-hassle option for car owners to unload their inoperable cars.. Whether it is a truck, an SUV, or a sedan you plan to sell to us, give us a call immediately as long as you are in and around Newark, New Jersey!

If you sell your junk car to us, we will take care of everything. We will remove your stuck car even if it seems impossible. With the use of our top of the line towing equipment, all you will have to do is wait for the cash to be in your hands as we cover everything from removal to towing to our site for you!

Call Newark Tow Truck now if you have junk cars that you need to let go. Great cash awaits you!

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