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Thanks for visiting Newark Towing.  Chances are you’re in a bind and you need roadside assistance.  If that’s the case, then simply click here or fill out the form on this page so you can get roadside assistance, right away.  

We offer professional towing services at an affordable price.  Oftentimes we hear our customers call us the “Best Towing Service around Newark New Jersey.”  Our experts provide a friendly towing service that will allow you to relax no matter what your circumstances are.  We’re always ready to give you a fast, reliable and affordable towing service. 

Whether your vehicle is on the side of a road and broke down  or if you need to schedule in advance to clear your property of scrap metal cars, we can serve your towing needs today.  

Newark Tow Truck - Best Tow Truck Service Newark, NJ

Best Towing Company Newark, NJ

Both new and experienced drivers need help finding companies they can trust. Unfortunately, when you have already broken down, you need service now.

When you find yourself stuck on McCarter Highway, you can’t waste time. However, not all operators offer our level of quality.

Before you call the wrong Newark towing company, make sure you hire the best. Contact us whenever you have problems on the road for:

  • Affordable Towing Rates
  • Experienced Contractors
  • Any Vehicle Sizes
  • Local and Long-Distance
  • And other towing solutions
  • Convenient Local Operators
  • Professional Equipment
  • Flatbed Towing Truck
  • Roadside Assistance Services
  • 24-Hour Availability

Whatever it takes to get you home quicker, you can rely on us. See why more drivers rely on us for 24-hour service operators.

Newark Tow Truck - Best Tow Truck Service Newark, NJ

Roadside Assistance Services in Newark, NJ

Even if you don’t need our local Newark tow truck operators, you can hire us. We offer a broad range of roadside assistance services provided 24-hours a day.
From tire troubles to mobile locksmith solutions, you can always count on us. If it’s a bigger issue than you thought, we can still haul you away.

See why more area drivers turn to us every day even without towing.

“Are you tow truck services near me?”

One of the fastest ways of finding service providers is to be hands-free. Unfortunately, asking your smartphone to find the “tow truck near me” doesn’t always work.

In the greater Newark, NJ, area, you have many options. How do you know which one is closest to your location?

When you hire us, it means faster, more reliable technicians all day and night. Contact us now for the best tow truck “near me,” including such communities as:

  • Newark, NJ
  • Montclair, NJ
  • Hillside, NJ
  • Nutley, NJ
  • Springfield, NJ​
  • Newark, NJ
  • Montclair, NJ
  • Hillside, NJ
  • Nutley, NJ
  • Springfield, NJ​
  • Irvington, NJ
  • West Orange, NJ
  • Orange, NJ
  • East Orange, NJ
  • Maplewood, NJ
  • Glen Ridge, NJ
  • Elizabeth, NJ
  • Kearny, NJ
  • Harrison, NJ
  • Bayonne, NJ
  • Union, NJ

As your best towing company in Newark and beyond, we help more drivers every day. Contact us for 24-hour technicians and affordable pricing.

Why Choose Newark Tow Truck Near Me?

Not only are we the most reliable tow truck service company we’re also the most affordable company in Newark, NJ!  

We will price match any one of our competitors.  Our tow truck prices are extremely competitive. Why? Well, we’d like to ensure that you’re getting the best towing and roadside assistance service possible, like we’ve done to so many of our customers.

Not only that, but our towing response times are very quick.  Usually we’ll arrive at the scene with one of our tow trucks anywhere from 15-30 minutes from our response call.  

We’ve towed customers on nearly every road in the Newark metro area.  We have the skill set needed to get your car off the road at any time of the day or year.  Our professional tow truck technicians will get you back to your normal life, in no time.  Face it, being stuck on the side of the road is uneasy experience, so why deal with the hassle?  Click the following link for more information on why you should choose Newark’s most trusted towing company.

Towing Service Newark

Newark Tow Truck - Best Tow Truck Service Newark, NJ

As Newark’s best towing company, we strive to setting the standards for all the local tow companies near by.  We’ve got years of experience servicing Essex, Hudson and Union Counties and have helped countless individuals who were either stuck on a road or needed professional towing services.  No matter what the occasion is we take our towing truck business very seriously.  

​Nothing makes us happier than when a client tells us that we “came to the rescue,” or that “we’re heroes and saved their day​.”

As your trusted towing company, Newark residents turn to us every day. From car troubles to dead batteries, we solve all your needs for less.

Towing Services Nearby

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing trucks are the most versatile and convenient for many. No matter what vehicle you have, we can haul it away.

Long Distance Tow Company

Whether moving to Newark or somewhere else, we can help. Keep more mileage off of your cars for improved resale value.

Local Tow Service

When you experience problems on the road, you need a local service provider. Choose us as your preferred tow service in town.

Daily Towing

Your vehicle can break down at any time and without warning. When you do discover problems, you can always count on us.

Light Duty Tow Company
A light-duty tow company isn’t always a readily available option. However, we transport more classes of vehicles than anyone else, such as:
  • ATVs/Four-Wheelers
  • Motorcycles/Motorbikes
  • Light-Duty Trucks
  • Passenger Vans
  • Compact Cars
  • Motor Trikes
  • Lighter-Weight Equipment
  • And other light-duty towing needs​
Commercial Towing Company Newark

Even commercial vehicles need a ow company eventually, and we are here for you. Contact us for your fleet vehicles, equipment items, and more.

Motorcycle Towing

Did your bike breakdown? No matter if you’re stuck on the side of the highway or if it’s sitting in a garage, we can tow motorcycles.  We have an easy way of using harness straps to safely stand up your motorcycle and protect it from being damaged.  Most people add more damage to their motorcycles by placing them in a pickup truck.  Don’t be that guy.

Relocation Towing_

This is perfect for any junkyard or auto shop owners.  Do you have vehicles that you want to have transported or towed?  We can tow damaged vehicles from any auto body shop to your junkyard for parts or scrap metal use.  Depending on the severity of the damaged vehicle, we’ve got the equipment to safely haul and transport any car or truck. 

Emergency Accident Towing Service
Whenever inclement weather hits the North Jersey we tend to find vehicles sliding and scattered all over the roadside.  Oftentimes collisions can occur or vehicles drive out of control into ditches, snow banks, creeks, or even river.  If this has happened to you then call us now for our winching and vehicle pull out services.  We can haul out your car or truck using wired cables that pull the vehicle back onto the road safely. 

Roadside Assistance Services Nearby

Off-Road Vehicle Recovery

Most drivers seem surprised at how easily they can lose control of their vehicles. When your jeep breaks down while off-roading, choose us for recovery service.

Vehicle Locksmith

The last thing that you want to do when you’re far away from home is either lose your keys or lock them in the car.  It’s one thing to have this happen to you when you’re around your neighborhood, but to have it happen when you’re far away from home is a terrible situation to find yourself in.  Hopefully, you’ll have phone service and if you do, then make no mistake, we can unlock your vehicle safely.  Our automotive locksmith technicians have been trained rigorously to use a variety of different tactics to open your vehicle.  

Out of Gas Service

Nothing more annoying than losing gas.  You may have missed an exit or miscalculated a drive. Perhaps you even left your wallet somewhere or the gas station was closed.  Running out of fuel can be one of the most preventable accidents that can have your car stranded on the side of the road.  It happens all too often.  

If you find yourself in this situation, then simply call us up.  If the distance to the nearest gas station is close enough for us to re-fuel, we’ll simply deliver gas to your location, so you get back onto the road. 

Battery Jumpstarting

It’s always when you leave your car at the mall or at New Liberty International Airport (EWR) when you find yourself stuck in a bind. Any time you leave your car for several hours with the power on, you run the risk of killing your battery.  You might have been in a rush to get to where you were going and innocently left one of your car lights on.   A dead battery can cause a serious inconvenience to your daily routine, especially during evening hours.  

Typically, our first thought is to start asking strangers if they have battery jumper cables, but if you’re in a public place, this can sometimes be very dangerous.  Instead of putting your safety at risk, give us a call now so we can get you out of this hairy situation.  

Flat Tire Services
A deflated tire can occur from several instances and we’ve seen it all.  We’ve gotten calls from tires that have been slashed with knives, but more commonly get calls from customers who have had nails stuck in their tires from construction sites,  or have had tires flattened by glass found all over parking lot and busy streets.  If any of this sounds like you, then we give you a free estimate, and can plug your tire on the spot or simply tow you to the nearest service station. 

Why Choose Newark Tow Truck Near Me?

Auto Body Service

Many people who hire a towing service have a car in rough shape. However, we can help you restore your vehicle in no time.

Scrap Car Removal

How do you get rid of vehicles that don’t run anymore? Call us for your junk cars and scrap items for reliable solutions.

Vehicle Storage

Let’s say that you want to bring vehicle to your favorite mechanic but their office is closed for the weekend.  You need to get your vehicle off the road, but where can you bring it?  We have a safe and affordable vehicle storage lot, right outside of Newark for store your car or truck.  Once their office opens, we can simply tow your vehicle over to their location. 

The Best Tow Company Near Me in Newark, NJ

When your car breaks down, you likely will call the first number you see. However, it takes a reliable team of towing contractors to offer better solutions.

Whether the other guys are already closed for the day or they charge too much, call us. We offer fast, affordable, and friendly towing operators all day and night.

See why we’re the best tow service around. Choose Newark Tow Truck today for affordable towing contractors.

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