Naturally, roads and highways get a lot busier and noisier during the holiday season. And since the holidays are just around the corner where people would travel from one place to another to attend reunions, gatherings, or plane household chores, you may want to brace yourselves for worse traffic in selected areas of Newark, New Jersey. It’s during these times where the need to call towing companies in NJ can increase.

No matter what your plans are, it’s inevitable that you’ll most likely go out and enjoy various leisure activities during the holiday season. Though, If you want to get less annoyed with traffic, you’ll need to think over which routes to take during these days:

Thanksgiving Day

It has been noted that for the past few years, instead of traveling right on the actual Thanksgiving day, a lot of people would choose to travel on Tuesday or Wednesday before it, thinking it’s an effective trick to keep away from the traffic. Apparently, this was what caused the traffic jam for the past years.
If you don’t want to be annoyed with unexpected congestion, then Newark Tow Truck would advise you to move your travel a bit earlier in the morning on Thanksgiving day.

Also, try not to travel on the weekend after thanksgiving. More often than not, those two days would be when the roads will be congested with people traveling back to their places.

Christmas and New Year

Studies have shown that Christmas and New Year are where the worst traffic days. It’s during these days where folks go gift shopping, household errands and catching up with friends & family are common.

Also, more often than not, Christmas and New Year celebrations are filled with booze. Hence, the likelihood of DUI which may lead to alcohol-related accidents and the corresponding need for help from a Newark towing company increases. You can always promise to just do your part and make sure you don’t drive under the influence of alcohol, although, what about the other people on the road? Will they do the same thing? Unfortunately, alcohol-related accidents during the Christmas and New Year are the reason why driving in the evening of these days is highly discouraged.  

As it is almost impossible not to go out and drive during these events, you can just try your best to not add to the congestion in the evening and move your plans to an earlier schedule instead.
If ever unexpected vehicle issues arise and you feel helpless in the middle of the busy road, do not hesitate to give Newark Tow Truck a call immediately for prompt and reliable tow truck 24 hours and roadside assistance services.

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