Distance Tow
From out of town? No problem! Newark Tow Truck provides long distance towing services.

Dealing with an Out of Town Breakdown:

Car breakdowns that happen near or within your hometown may be manageable. Out of town breakdowns, on the other hand, are usually hard to deal with. Long trips are naturally tiring but fun especially when spent with family, loved ones, or friends. However, as much as they are often a thing for excitement, common car issues can already ruin them. Unfortunately, even if you had been very diligent in taking care of your car and you had not missed any preventive maintenance session, your car is still not exempted of it especially if the breakdown is caused by triggers that are out of your control.
If you are caught in such a stressful situation, here’s what you should do:

1.      Prioritize your safety.
Regardless of the issue that your car seems to be facing, one thing that you must prioritize the most is your safety. Hence, as soon as you sense that something is wrong with your car and tell-tale signs of a mechanical issue are showing, before attempting to dial the hotline of your most trusted road assistance and towing company, your first concern should be to get to a safe area as quickly as possible.
If you are currently on the highway, the safe spot will be on the nearby exit.. That said, avoid parking on a curve or a hill as motorists will not be able to notice you immediately.
As soon as you’ve secured a safe spot, quickly turn your hazard lights on and then turn off your ignition. Depending on how safe the location is and the degree of danger your vehicle is currently dealing with, you can either vacate right away and stay on a safe roadside or just remain inside your car until help from your roadside assistance provider arrives. This situation is critical, hence presence of mind is necessary.
2.      Call for help.
In times of accidents and matter of life and death situations, calling the emergency 911 hotline should be your next move. Otherwise, you can simply call for roadside assistance and towing company you have always relied on. The great thing about this solution is how the seasoned company is able to come to your rescue in no time even if you are at a remote area because it vows to keep its customers and the rest of the road community safe and away from the road’s dangers.
After searching for “24 hour tow truck service near me on Google, be sure to provide your specific location information while talking to its front operator. Since it is understandable that you are unfamiliar with the place, the least you should do is provide a landmark. You can always seek help from mile markers or your smart phone if the area is within the coverage area.
3.     Prepare a backup plan.
As the vehicle owner, you should be aware of how serious your car’s problem is. If the issue is a no brainer, it is okay and safe to attempt doing the repair on your own. Otherwise, have the roadside assistance provider do it for you.
Now if you are originally residing outside New Jersey but you’re stuck in or around Newark area and your provider won’t be able to respond to your situation, worry not; you still have a road recovery and towing Newark Company to call and count on. Newark Tow Truck has been in the business for years now. Over the years, it has served vehicle owners and kept them away from the dangers of the road through its quality but cheap towing services. For your New Jersey vehicle service needs, remember Newark Tow Truck. We are a popular choice for a reason